is proud to announce that the launch of full platform is on April 25th. Registered users will now be able to access offerings including an online BTC wallet, Stakers, and Atoms Auctions.

The ionomy platform

All users will now be able to fully manage their accounts, including 2fa options and password management. Additionally, the new staking interface will show a user their current active stakers, the options enabled for each staker, and the current balance and time remaining.

The wallets on the platform are also now fully functional and live. Currently BTC is the primary option. Users are able to send and receive, as well as purchase subscriptions and participate in Atoms auctions. The ION/BTC exchange pairing will be live at the completion of the ICO on May 16.

As we enter the third week of the ICO, we would like to invite all of our users to come explore the new platform and learn more about the ionomy.