The platform update train keeps rolling! Starting today*, ionomy will introduce the Investor of the Month competition. This ionomy platform feature is made with ION traders and investors in mind. The more ION you buy and hold on ionomy, the better your chances of winning!

At the end of each month the top 3 ionomy investors will be awarded a 90 day bonus staker worth up to 1000 ION. For full rules and details please see the information below, or log in to ionomy.com and click the new “Investor Competition” link in the Exchange tab.

*Please note: The November competition will have a shorter timeframe, which ends on Nov 30. The first full month will begin Dec 1.


The goal of the competition is to buy more ION than any other user on the platform monthly, either using the “Buy ION” feature or the Exchange.

To calculate the winner we use the following criteria:

  • The user total is calculated on a per month basis.
  • User can use the “Buy ION” feature to increase their total.
  • User can use the ionomy Exchange to increase their total.
  • Any ION sold via the exchange will be subtracted from the monthly total.
  • Any ION withdrawn from ionomy will be subtracted from the monthly total.
    A* ny other ION payouts such as from stakers will not count towards the user's monthly total.


  • User 1 buys 500 ION via "Buy ION" and 1000 ION via "Exchange". (1500 ION)
  • User 1 withdraws 250 ION from the platform. (1500 - 250 = 1250 ION)
  • User 1 sells 100 ION via "Exchange". (1250 - 100 = 1150 ION)
  • User total for that month would be 1150 ION