Altcoin purchasing has been enabled for all ionomy users. Registered users can now purchase ION directly using nearly 40 Altcoins including Ethereum and Zcash. Simply click the new “Buy ION” tab, select the coin you’d like to exchange, and send to the generated address to receive ION directly to your ionomy account.

All ION purchased through the “Buy ION” page contributes directly to the market depth of ION. Currently set to automatically place a buy order of 15% below purchase price with the same total ION volume. Every direct buy using alternate currency will be used to build buy depth of ION directly on exchanges.

  • Example Transaction. User buys 5 ION at a value of .0002. And the user is credited 5 ION. Then a buy order is automatically placed on the exchange for 5 ION at the value of 0.000185

Are you Mining? Make sure you don't send coins directly from mining pools. For best service please use private wallets when doing quick exchanges. Please contact ionomy support if you encounter any issues.