ionomy to add multicoin masternodes, wallets, and exchanges.

Day Four of the ION Storm is here. You’ve been hit by Lightning, struck by Thunder, and you even got a Jumpstart. Science may be fun, but today’s element of the Power Grid mixes in some magic.

ionomy Alchemy, the smart way to manage your digital money

Alchemy adds multicurrency support to new and existing services, making the place to invest, convert, and manage your digital wealth. Web wallets, hosted masternodes, dynamic exchanges. Store, grow, and trade your ION, BTC, Dash, Pivx, ETH, LTC, NEO, and more. And, of course, your in-game currencies. From any device.

More powerful masternode hosting, for Dash too
The masternode hosting service is improving and expanding to add support for Dash, Pivx, and more. enables users at all levels of technical expertise enjoy stress-free masternode management. Robust DDoS protection and automated scripts minimize downtime to maximize returns. Sit back and let the rewards roll in for a competitive monthly fee. wallets and masternodes are designed with robust security, ease of use, and solid reliability in mind. And ionomy provides 24/7 support that rivals any other in the digital currency space.

Riding out the storm

Careful opening your email tomorrow. You might get a little shock!

And after that, well... we’re saving the best for last.

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