Make your game concept a reality with the financial, technical, and marketing support of the ION community.

It’s Day Three of the ION media Storm. Each day details another element of the Power Grid, plus is another chance to win FREE ION and cool prizes!

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Introducing Jumpstart

Jumpstart is a crowdfunding platform for game developers. By connecting developers, gamers, investors, the ION community and economy grows. The result is a community full of satisfied gamers, developers, and investors, having fun while being rewarded for playing great games.

The ION community, invested in success

To turn a brilliant idea into a successful game requires many elements. Few developers have everything it takes. But with Jumpstart, a developer doesn’t need to excel at every aspect alone. By providing the financial, technical, and marketing support needed, Jumpstart gives developers the freedom to focus on what they do best: designing and coding games. Jumpstart optimizes the time to market and attracts players eager to spend their ION.

Jumpstart enables developers to pitch a game idea, raise funds, and test early versions with built-in channels for community feedback from a user base that has a vested interest in the game’s success.

Customized Multiservice partnerships

The first partnerships are already in the works. ionomy is in talks with a number of independent game developers who have identified the value in connecting to the ionomy Power Grid with Thunder, Lightning, and Jumpstart.

Tomorrow, we’ve got more transformational tricks up our sleeves…

Until then — Tweet, share, win.

— The ionomy Team