Lighting API nears completion. Power Grid + games = 💚

Great news! Lightning, the first component of ionomy’s Power Grid, is up and running.

Power Grid is the overarching suite of services for game developers announced during the recent “ION Storm” promotional event. The Power Grid is designed to let third party developers create games that use the same tools as ionomy Studios to leverage the ION economy.

Lightning, now fully integrated with ionomy Studio’s new game, The Moon or Bust, enables freemium games to plug in to the ION economy. When gamers play a Lightning-enabled game, they can compete in tournaments and win rewards paid out in ION through their accounts. ionomy has shown that when gamers win money while having fun, they come back for more, week after week.

Lightning Inside

To demonstrate Lightning’s power, ionomy Studios designed and developed games that would interact with and enhance the ION economy. Two games are in active development and work on a third has recently begun.

At the same time, the ionomy Team is building out the Power Grid infrastructure and opening it to third party game studio and independent developers and studios that want to leverage the benefits of the ION economy.

The two flagship titles, Crypto Gravity and The Moon or Bust (TMoB), both feature the Lightning API. And they’ve got a third on the way. The more games that incorporate Lightning, the more powerful the API becomes as it evolves.

Through Lightning, freemium gameplay is linked directly to the player’s ionomy account — making it possible to win rewards, get great discounts with ION, and compete for a valuable prize-winning spot on the weekly tournament leaderboard (paid in ION, of course!).

With the two teams closely collaborating on the design and integration of Lightning, the result is an impressive showcase on how developers can plug in to the ION Economy and unlock value.

Learn about Lightning and the full suite of Power Grid services at

The Moon or Bust

The Moon or Bust beta

ionomy Studios is preparing to roll out a beta version of its newest title, The Moon or Bust (TMoB).

Dedicated space cadets race their rockets to plant their flag on the moon. Use tilt controls to navigate the dangers of space travel, avoiding obstacles and salvaging supplies left from the wreckage of those who have died trying. The journey gets progressively more difficult as you travel faster and deeper into space.

A shop features items to enhance the journey — a choice of rocketships and gear to blast your way to the Moon. By linking to their accounts, gamers can pay with ION at a 50% discount, and compete for valuable ION prizes in weekly tournaments.

A special reward awaits the first lunar lander: an astronomical grand prize of $5,000!

Crypto Gravity, now with Lightning

ionomy Studios has rewritten and expanded Crypto Gravity to use ionomy Lightning. The update will be released after it passes a fresh round of beta testing to vet its function, play, and security.

This enhanced version features:

  • Easy introductory “World Zero” for those fresh out of the Academy.
  • World 2, where hardened veterans can test their mettle.
  • Items shop, with exciting weapons and powerups, adding new dimensions of gameplay and strategy.
  • Expanded tournament ladder.

Best of all, the new architecture with Lightning integration makes it easy for devs to update and generate fresh content to keep diehards and casual players alike coming back for more.

And the revised tournament ladder levels the playing field, so even newcomers discover great incentives to play Lightning enabled games.


Growing the ION economy

The Moon or Bust and Crypto Gravity are great games, by themselves. But what sets them apart is the ability for anyone to play and win ION prizes, every week. Fans have been playing Gravity competitively for over six months, demonstrating this exciting model for digital currency integration. It’s engaging, rewarding, and fun.


This is just the beginning. Keep following for future developments about the other components of ionomy’s Power Grid: premium game solutions, advertising network, and crowdfunding platform.

We’re excited about what’s ahead.

— the ionomy team