The U.S. election is looming over the earth like a giant meteor. So why not have some fun?

ionomy votes starts now!

Starting today, ionomy will be offering limited edition skins featuring the two candidates for the United States Presidency. Purchase one (or both) and receive a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump skin to boost your stake rates.

The skin will apply a boost of 7.5% on top of the base rate of your staker. (a 40% staker will become a 47.5% staker). The WINNER of the election will see their skin boost to a 15% bonus, which means an additional 30% stake rate when electrons are applied!

These skins will only be available for the election, and will be the first useable item in your new skin inventory, available Friday.

Whether you’re "I’m with ion" or "Making ionomy great again" we encourage all American users to get out and vote.