ionomy Exchange is pleased to announce the listing of Helix (HLIX). ionomy will also be offering Helix Sharenodes (HLIXsx).

According to Helix Project CEO, Nathan Senn, Helix is "a cutting edge, anonymized, state-of-the-art cryptocurrency. Helix makes use of Proof of Stake 3.0 and masternode technology, with unique features such as a decentralized e-commerce platform." For more information on Helix, visit

Deposits and withdrawals for HLIX are now available, with Helix markets scheduled to open for trading on Friday, July 3 at Noon UTC, featuring HLIX-BTC and HLIX-ION pairings.

Helix Sharenode markets are scheduled to open Tuesday, July  7 at Midnight UTC, with HLIXsx-HLIX and HLIXsx-BTC pairings.

About  Sharenodes

ionomy Sharenode assets entitle the holder to a proportional amount of the total earnings produced by the asset pool, less fees.

Promos coming!

Stay tuned for upcoming Helix promotions!