We are excited to announce that, starting on November 30, 2018, additional ION Sharenodes (IONSX) will be available at ionomy.com.

The world was introduced to Sharenodes back in October of 2018 with the launch of ionomy.com platform v3. The concept is simple. A number of masternodes are pooled to generate masternode rewards. Fractional portions of this pool are then made available as Sharenodes, meaning that Sharenode holders receive passive income without the full commitment of 20,000 ION for a masternode. A Sharenode can cost cost as little as one ION. Or one PIVX or one DASH, because ionomy supports hosting of those assets, as well.

A powerful feature of Sharenodes is that IONSX, PIVXSX, and DASHSX are tradable assets on ionomy’s Exchange.

Initially ionomy had set aside twenty ION masternodes to feed the ION sharenode pool. All twenty sold out in two weeks! Since then we’ve been bombarded with requests for more IONSX. Today ionomy is making a public announcement that on November 30, 2018, an additional five dedicated masternodes will be available to the ION Sharenode market, bringing another 100,000 IONSX into circulation.