Get ready for Power Grid with a week of prizes.

Forecast: Thunder and Lightning
A weeklong ION Storm is brewing. With an event like this, expect a whole new velocity of disruption. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it all — because you never know when ION might airdrop into your wallet, when prizes could be won, or sneak peeks revealed.

Here’s what to expect.

Power Grid: where business meets fun is expanding its current offerings with Power Grid, a premium suite of services and solutions for businesses, developers, and consumers.

Game developers can tap ionomy Thunder, bringing premium games to a whole new level with In-Game Currency — amping up the fun, re-playability, and value.

Freemium game developers can plug into the Lightning API — adding compelling reasons to play, compete, and win. users likewise get more juice with Alchemy — enjoying attractive multi-coin premium services with more than just ION.

The ION universe is expanding
The end of the 7-day ION Storm culminates in a momentous report detailing an astonishing discovery: the emergence of a rare and mysterious new element.

Methods to harness and distribute its power have so far been elusive, however, the ionomy research team believes the energy of the Storm to be key.

On Friday, August 11, the Storm will hit. A week later, details on this new matter will be forthcoming.

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