ION 2.0 — Great performance now; great bones for the future

ionomy proudly presents ION 2.0. The coin dev team radically redesigned ION for two reasons. First, we needed a better performing wallet. Second, we’re integrating platform features such as digital assets into the blockchain. We completely rewrote the code for ION. The result is a wallet that is lightweight, fast, and powerful as a foundation for future development. The new features are awesome:

  • Proof of Stake 4.0
  • InstantX: small transactions confirm immediately via masternode network
  • Simultaneous staking and masternode operation from the same address and wallet
  • Delta retargeting to smooth out difficulty spikes, averaging 70 second blocks
  • Stealth addresses
  • Automatic wallet backups

The transition from ION classic to ION 2.0 went according to plan. We recorded a snapshot of the old blockchain and started the ION 2.0 chain. All balances at the time of the snapshot were distributed to the identical addresses on the new chain. Users imported their wallet backups and/or private keys into the update app and picked up exactly where they left off.


When we opened the new 2.0 wallet to a wider audience, we noticed some problems that were not evident on a smaller scale.

The issues galvanized the community. It brought out the best in many members, who came together to scour the code for errors, narrow down the source of the problems, and test solutions. We were reminded yet again why we’re really here – for the community.

The joint efforts of the ionomy coin dev team and the community are already paying off: the wallets are stable and “just work.” Wallets discover connections to the network quickly. Transactions broadcast across the network instantly and confirm in 1 block. Masternodes run reliably. CPU and memory usage is light.

To take advantage of these fixes, update your wallet to the latest version. It not only improves performance and stability, but accelerates transactions for everyone.

Updated Windows, Mac, and Linux QT wallets (v2.1.2 ION) are available for download.

Source code has been updated to:

Version: v2.1.2
Protocol: 95605

We appreciate your patience and support during the update. Should you have any issues with your wallet update you can request technical assistance by emailing [email protected] or posting on the slack channel for #help_and_support. For bug report and wallet feature requests please use the ION github issues page.

Trade ION on Bittrex

**ION is now trading on Bittrex!**

For the first time, ION is listed on a major exchange. After reviewing the ION 2.0 code and wallet performance, Bittrex gave the listing of ION the green light.

All of us here at ionomy are excited about the recent developments and what they mean for the future. The foundation has been set. Now let’s build the ION economy.

We thank all our supporters, families, and the community for making this adventure possible — and a lot of fun.


The ionomy Team