At long last we are proud to announce the Android launch of Crypto Gravity available NOW on Google Play. This is the first major title of our new mobile gaming franchise. Crypto Gravity is the foundation stone of the business model.

Lead character Grav must navigate the dangers of a futuristic dystopian galaxy, plagued by deadly robots and collapsing infrastructure.Only Grav can restore the powers of the blockchain, and he’s racing against time. Jump and shoot your way through the galaxy to restore the power of the blockchain to the people. Gravity melds easy-to-learn touch and tilt controls with old-­school levels of difficulty.

The weekly tournament pits ionomy players and teams against each other for substantial prizes. Champions win ION, paid directly to their ionomy account. It’s that easy.

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iOS Update: The release of Crypto Gravity for iOS is pending App Store approval from Apple. Stay tuned for Launch: Phase 2.

Jump. Shoot. Play. Earn.