Hello ionomy Community,

The final countdown to the launch of The Moon or Bust is on!

Fuel up you rockets — the public release is scheduled for January 26, Midnight GMT (7PM EST).

The Moon or Bust

Navigate from Earth to Moon. Collect power-ups and boosts. Avoid the pitfalls of flight and space travel: aircraft, satellites, black holes, and more.

Be the first to reach the Moon and win…. BIG TIME.

Tilt and turn your way to the Moon and plant the flag to earn the grand prize: $5000 in ION.

Weekly tournaments pit players against each other to compete for prizes. Prizes are paid out in ION. That’s right: real cash for real gaming.

Win ION: First tournament pays out Monday###

The first tournament starts as soon as the game is available and ends every Sunday evening, with payouts on Mondays. That gives you two days to make it into the top 10 and win ION.

Good luck, cadets.

Yours in spaceflight,
The ionomy Team