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ionomy is proud to be the first exchange to list Whaleshares. Get a free secure mobile WLS wallet with your ionomy account.

Introducing Whaleshares

Established in 2018, Whaleshares is a censorship-free social network. It's a self-governing network that uses smart economic incentives to build mainstream and niche communities.

Smart incentives

Readers reward bloggers with tips, creating a friendly supportive environment and, at the same time, increasing visibility by automatically sharing the post. Tipping works much better than judgmental downvotes that are both disheartening and notoriously subject to abuse.

Earn daily rewards

All WLS holders can earn unconditional daily rewards by staking ("powering up") their WLS.

Get started fast

Whether you're writing long-form or micro-posts like tweets, you can get started instantly. New integration lets anyone with a Twitter account become a Whaleshares blogger in a snap.

Get started today. Create your account, start earning rewards, and enjoy creating and reading great content.

ionomy welcomes the Whaleshares community!