It’s Day Two of the ION Storm, with a reveal of the second element to make up the ionomy Power Grid

Feel the Thunder with Real Money Trade
That rumbling you feel in your chest is Thunder. It carries a powerful signal: games are more attractive when you can have fun and make money. Thunder enabled games really are worth playing.

Developers of premium games can use Thunder Services to motivate gamers to buy their games. It works like this:

  1. Developers partner with ionomy to issue custom in-game currency tokens on the ION blockchain.
  2. Gamers buy or subscribe to games for the opportunity to earn the in-game currency that they can then withdraw.
  3. ionomy manages the exchanges that allow gamers to trade their in-game currency for ION or Bitcoin.

Add Thunder to your game, and let ionomy shoulder the work of integrating a tailor made microeconomy.

Get the message out with Thunder: have fun, earn cash
By enabling Thunder In-Game Currency (IGC) Services, developers tap into a rich and growing community of gamers and digital currency enthusiasts.

Gamers enjoy the rewards of their achievements, while developers easily add real economic incentives to their games. And with every promotional campaign ionomy runs, the number of participants in the ION gaming economy grows, too.

Thunder tokens powerfully draw attention to games and the ION economy, creating winning solutions for developers, gamers, and investors.

So far Thunder and Lightning have been introduced through the ionomy Storm campaign as the first two elements of the Power Grid. Stay on alert for details on every element to see how they all fit together. There’s more in the Power Grid to Jumpstart your day tomorrow.

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You’ll especially want to tune in at the end of the week for an exciting finale featuring an intriguing new asset.

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— The ionomy Team