News and Updates

Atoms Token Live

Atoms are live on the ION blockchain. Withdrawals and deposits active on ionomy Exchange. Stay tuned to learn about new utility ionomy is adding for Atoms! Withdrawals and deposits ionomy Exchange has activated Atoms withdrawals and deposits, so users can now transfer their Atoms token balance to an ION blockchain

ION 5 Masternodes

Reconfigure Masternodes to earn rewards on ION 5. Quick Start Guide ION 5.0 rebases ION to Dash instead of PIVX. There's a new process to congifure Masternodes. Follow the quick start guide to start earning rewards. Masternode Guide ION 5's Masternode setup requires a transaction on the blockchain. NOTE:

Blurt trading on ionomy Exchange

Blurt ($BLURT), a Steem fork, is now trading on ionomy Exchange. Three trading pairs are available: BLURT/BTC BLURT/ETH BLURT/ION What is Blurt?According to the developers: Blurt is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. It leverages a robust digital points

ION 5 is live!

A monumental release New wallets: ION 5.0 Dash Rebase The core code has been rebased to Dash. The new ION code will run more efficiently and reliably on Dash’s clean, solid, and powerful codebase. Inflation Sucks ION 5.0 ushers in a new deflationary era for ION, starting

ionomy Exchange lists Helix cryptocurrency (HLIX)

ionomy Exchange is pleased to announce the listing of Helix (HLIX). ionomy will also be offering Helix Sharenodes (HLIXsx). According to Helix Project CEO, Nathan Senn, Helix is "a cutting edge, anonymized, state-of-the-art cryptocurrency. Helix makes use of Proof of Stake 3.0 and masternode technology, with unique features such