News and Updates

ION block reward revised

With the implementation of an ION Improvement Proposal (IIP #3: Revised block reward schedule), the ION block reward schedule has been updated to account for a network that is larger and more active than what was envisioned when the White Paper was published in 2016. At about the same time

ionomy adopts ION as official currency

All spending on the ionomy platform now drives demand for ION. ionomy still accepts payment in any currency, but now every payment in BTC gets converted to ION through market buys to complete the transaction. We want ION! ionomy chooses ION over all the other cryptocurrencies because it's the perfect

Mandatory ION wallet update. Masternode restart required.

New wallet available The ION Core Developer Team has released a new wallet. This is a mandatory upgrade resulting in a hard fork of the network: Download Wallet Update your masternodes If you run masternodes, you must update your remote daemons and local Qt wallet to the new code. Once

ION hard fork. Privacy upgrades. Action needed.

key points The upcoming ION hard fork introduces Version Two of the zerocoin protocol (xION v2). During a transition period, all v1 xION functions will be temporarily paused, so please spend all your Version One zerocoin (xION v1) before you upgrade to the new wallet. Before you upgrade, make a

ION community and open source development

The ionomy community is growing by leaps and bounds, so we wanted to make sure everyone knows where ION development is happening, and how you can take part. Releases you can count on First, all official releases for ION Core can be found at the IONCoinCore repository: