ION Rebased

Hello ionomy! The rebased ION chain has been launched. While we tighten the nuts and bolts in the background you can begin the preparations for your »

ION Core Code Rebase Update

Hello ionomy, The ION team has been testing the rebased ION core code with the testnet community and is finalizing the release candidate. Reworked from top »

ION Timeline Update

Bittrex? Gravity? What’s happening? You’re probably wondering, “Why haven’t I seen ION on Bittrex yet?” Many anxiously await the countdown to the public »

Happy New Year ionomy!

The War on Christmas has reached its merry end. Team Green reigns victorious over the North Pole. Congratulations to both teams for a hard fought competition. »

The War Rages On!

As Santa returns from his rounds, he discovers that a horrible battle has ravaged the North Pole. Oh, the carnage: Elves and Reindeer battered by snowballs »