News and Updates

ionosphere 2/15

New release coming to testnet As the fork draws closer, there is more testing, more documentation and more review needed to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. It can be a laborious process, but also a necessary one for where the ION blockchain is heading in 2020 and

Testnet client release: New Dash-base

The ION Core Coin Development Team is on the verge of releasing a new ION wallet. The team is completing technical documentation to address the new feature set. This release is primarily for testing on testnet, but can also be tested on mainnet, though with limited functionality. This release is

ionosphere: 2/7

Round up of resources for understanding tokens, plus an update on Quick Shift Racing! Token discussions As release of the Electron wallet app draws closer, the ability to configure tokens will be broadly democratized because the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) is baked directly into the wallet. With tokens there is

ionosphere: 1/31

ION is rebasing to Dash! Here's what you need to know.♊️ Revolutionary POW/POS hybrid consensus 🔒 Enhanced security 📉 Deflationary factors ⛏ Token mining POW/POS hybrid consensus The ION network is currently secured by a Proof of Stake protocol (staking with masternodes). The Dash network is currently secured by Proof of

ionosphere: 1/24

The fork that brings ION to a DASH base will be here soon. Here are a few details about how the rebase will benefit the ION blockchain:Say hello to DASH The cryotosphere may still be in its infancy, but enough time has passed, including notable market fluctuation across the