News and Updates

Token sandbox open for play!

Join the Token Testnet to preview ION's new token system. Give your feedback to help development. ION's implementation of the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) transforms the ION ecosystem. ION Masternodes & ATOM tokens get Dark Matter (XDM) rewards. Game devs tokenize in-game assets. Gamers trade tokens.

Last Chance to Buy XDM

"The Darkest Hour" Approaches The crowdsale ends at some unspecified moment on Sunday, June 16th. At the moment the sale ends, the unsold supply allocated for the IEO will be removed from the market. We’re calling this, “The Darkest Hour.” Buy it or burn it! Any unsold

Dark Matter (XDM) sale on ionomy Exchange

Introducing Dark Matter What you get with Dark Matter (XDM) is an asset with a limited, shrinking supply that has practical utility. The more people use XDM, the faster the supply shrinks. It’s a utility token. And it's a store of value. Say hello to the first token on

Roadmap tour

The first thing you will notice about the new Roadmap is that we are now providing three lanes of information. You can now get information about the blockchain, the platform, and the gaming enterprise all in one place. It’s a lot to take in, so let’s explore a