Introducing ION 2.0

ION 2.0 — Great performance now; great bones for the future ionomy proudly presents ION 2.0. The coin dev team radically redesigned ION for two »

Just to be clear

When Bittrex listed ION on their exchange, some raised questions about the relationship between, on one hand, ION and ionomy (the digital currency, and the digital »

ION Listed on Bittrex

ION trading is now live on Bittrex! For the first time, ION is now listed on a major exchange. Bittrex has reviewed the ION 2.0 »

ION Wallet Update 1.2.4

Updated v 1.2.4 ION wallets have been released. This wallet release improves transaction acceptance speeds and wallet stability. Please update all wallets. The effectiveness »

ION Rebased

Hello ionomy! The rebased ION chain has been launched. While we tighten the nuts and bolts in the background you can begin the preparations for your »