Lightning Services enable the ION Advantage: cash-like tournament prizes, discounts, and unified multi-platform gamer accounts.

Last week, we forecast a powerful week-long ION storm to hit, starting with Lightning. The community is abuzz, energy is in the air, and ION is raining from the skies!

7 days of prizes and airdrops
Lightning has struck, signaling the start of the seven day ION Storm. Each day another element of the ionomy Power Grid is revealed. Today, any account with active stakers qualifies for a chance to receive random airdrops of ION deposits. Additionally, ionomy is giving away multiple Roku boxes and an Apple TV. Share and follow ionomy on social media for a chance to win.

Add spark to freemium games with Lightning Services introduces Lightning Services, the freemium API for tournaments and digital goods purchasing.

Lightning Services can be added to any freemium game, amping up the fun, replayability, and spending incentives. Developers can customize the level of integration to suit their games.

Primary features include:

  1. Lightning Tournaments. Integrate Lightning Tournaments so gamers on any platform can compete for high scores and weekly prizes. Prizes pay out in ION. Gamers can exchange ION for Bitcoin, spend it, or get discounts in the ION ecosystem.
  2. The ION Advantage. Google and Apple charge 30% for in-app purchases. Since ionomy takes only a fraction of this, developers earn more and can provide discounts to gamers who pay with ION through their accounts.
  3. Unified gamer accounts. Gamers can link their account to multiple apps on any platform, carrying their scores, inventories, and balances with them. Compete on any device.
  4. Lightning Partners. When developers enter a full partnership, ionomy funds as much as 100% of the purse for weekly tournaments.

Lightning Services provide solutions that make games stand out from the crowd by giving players three more reasons to play and stay. Lightning Tournaments offer the fun of social competition and the opportunity to win cash-like rewards. And the ION Advantage gives users discounts on in-game goods, which carry over between platforms and apps. The savings add up, winning loyal customers from a growing network of gamers with ION to spend.

The ionomy vision isn’t just fun and games. It’s a serious economic model. The more gamers spend, the more they drive up the price of ION. With every new title, the ION economy grows.

Lightning adds a powerful combination of attention to games and adoption of ION, creating winning solutions for developers, gamers, and users.

You’ll feel the Thunder tomorrow as the ION Storm continues.

More Power Grid elements to hit all week, culminating with a big bang.

Tweet, share, win.