Merry Christmas ionomy!

It’s time to prepare for battle! The North Pole has been split into two factions. Team Red and Team Green have each declared their color superior. This means WAR. Battle to the end of the Yule Log to prove your worth — and win with ionomy.

Join your fellow elves on the snow-covered plains of battle to win prizes and prestige, and prove whose strategy is best! Each member of the ionomy has been assigned to either Team Red or Team Green and can contribute to the “War on Christmas” simply by participating in the ionomy platform.

On the winning team? Every skin you purchase during the war will have its rate DOUBLE to 20% APR!

Log in to your ionomy account today to see your team assignment and the full contest rules. The competition ends when Santa completes his rounds.....

New Holidays Mean New Stakers!


Not only are there limited edition Staker skin awards for the War Veterans, we also have two new limited edition skins in stock.