Going out of 2019 strong with a new exchange listing for ION, plus a look back at a year of BUIDLing.

CREX24 now lists ION

The ION coin continues its proliferation right up until the last days of the year with a brand spanking new listing on the prodigious CREX24 crypto exchange.

CREX24 opened its doors in 2017 and now boasts almost $3 million USD in daily trading volume.

A few 2019 highlights

Here are just a few items the team checked off their list during the past year:

  • Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) for immutable, permissionless tokens on the ION blockchain
  • Dark Matter presale established ingenious price discovery procedure
  • IIP6 voted on to begin a new era of deflation for the ION supply
  • POTX verification protocol developed to act as a deflationary driver for ION
  • ionosphere newsletter launched
  • GameGrid was created and tested with final deployment just around the corner
  • The original ionomy Studios title Crypto Gravity returned!
  • ION listed on Bittrex Global
  • ION trading was added to the STEX exchange
  • ION markets at STEX, Bittrex and CREX24 exchanges are now tracked on Coinmarketcap
  • ION markets at STEX, Bittrex, Upbit Korea, and Upbit Indonesia exchanges were added to Coingecko
  • ION trading was added to CREX24

It's been a busy year!

See you in 2020!

ionosphere will be taking the next two weeks off to celebrate the holiday season. Wishing all of the ION/ionomy community a safe and peaceful holiday and new year.