Preview of upcoming Electron Wallet, plus the benefits of an ionomy subscription.

Electron app sneak peek

The recent launch of ION 4.0 created the ability for users to configure and create tokens using ION’s Atomic Token Protocol (ATP). Although that functionality is now active, it has required use of a command line interface. Now ionomy is ready to reveal the next generation of functional custody. The upcoming Electron App is more than a wallet, although it accomplishes all the basic wallet functions with ease and elegance.

As you can see below, the Electron app will add another dimension by having ATP functionality built-in. Users will enjoy the power to create tokens and manage all transactions in a single, clean user interface.

Point and click token creation.

The Electron app is now in the late stages of development and public beta is expected soon. Watch this space for more details!

Subscriptions offer incredible value

A subscription to is inexpensive and provides significant benefits, not the least of which is 50% off masternode hosting. According to, each ION masternode pays out the equivalent of over $129 per year. Just one masternode earns enough to offset the cost of the subscription for a year.


It's not just about the masternode hosting. Subscription holders enjoy reduced exchange and withdraw fees, and more. Anyone who trades or transacts crypto frequently will appreciate the savings. Getting a subscription is as easy as going to, signing up for an account and browsing your subscription options, whether you prefer month-to-month or six or twelve month plans.