Hello ionomy!

The rebased ION chain has been launched. While we tighten the nuts and bolts in the background you can begin the preparations for your upgrade now.

The new ION repo is available: https://github.com/Ion-Network/Ion-Core

As we phase in the rollout, Linux build guides are currently available in the #ion-testnet channel on ionomy slack. Full OS guides will accompany the release of the OS-specific QT’s.

Throughout the rest of the day we will be fortifying the network with staking wallets and masternodes in anticipation of the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake that occurs at block 1000.

Linux users are invited to start their upgrades now. Windows and Mac releases will follow.

Thank you to all of our developers and ionomy staff for all their hard work on the code rebase. We will post updates as they arrive on https://news.ionomy.com/