Tokens on ION. More affordable Masternodes. Higher rewards for longer commitment. Better block reward schedule.

Five ION Improvement Proposals (IIPs) were released for community discussion on Saturday, June 2nd.

The first IIP, Number 0001, simply introduces the role of the IIP. Anyone can draft improvement proposals for community consideration. Proposals that gain traction may be implemented by the ION Core Team, pending vote by ION governance.

IIPs 0002-0005 introduce some of the biggest changes to ION to date. One adds the functionality to create and manage secondary tokens on the ION blockchain. The others redesign the block reward schedule and masternode reward structure. Collectively, they could radically change the ION economy.

These proposals don't just advance ION; they revolutionize Masternodes and redefine Proof of Stake (PoS).

  • Secondary Tokens on the ION blockchain
  • Better block rewards schedule
  • Masternode collateral halving
  • Incentives to timelock ION masternode collateral through rewards that scale to the commitment period for running them.

This is a big deal for the ION community. Please read the IIPs for yourself. Add your voice to the discussion on the dedicated Discord channel #iip-discussion.

For an overview of the proposals and responses to community questions, watch the community hangout.

Aligned incentives have always been at the heart of the ION economy. The ION Improvement Proposals continue to advance smart incentives in a big way.