Today marks an important landmark in ION development: We have awarded the first bounty to a community member who fulfilled one of our specified development goals. Now ION holders can manage their ION from a dedicated smartphone app.

The ION mobile wallet for Android allows users to send and receive IONs on the go.

An integrated address book means you can send ION to a friend with just a tap. You can also monitor the network, watch the price of ION on the exchange, and even generate a paper wallet. The wallet is lightweight, secure, and easy to use.

For safety, you can export a backup of your wallet to internal or external storage and upgrade your phone or OS worry free. Restore from backup in just two taps. Encrypt it with a password for security or add an extra layer of protection with a PIN. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can rest assured your IONs are secure. And since the wallet is stored only on device, you’re in control.

Today we celebrate this community-driven evolution of the ionomy by thanking @rdewilde for his efforts and rewarding his success with ION. We look forward to celebrating more community initiatives in the years to come. Check out the Github HERE.

Download ION wallet HERE from Google Play and let us know what you think!