Reconfigure Masternodes to earn rewards on ION 5.

Quick Start Guide

ION 5.0 rebases ION to Dash instead of PIVX. There's a new process to congifure Masternodes. Follow the quick start guide to start earning rewards.

ION 5's Masternode setup requires a transaction on the blockchain.

NOTE: The masternode setup transaction must occur after the fork (block 1,760,000), which occurs July 21, 2020.

Make sure you're running the latest stable release. If you haven't already updated follow this link for the wallets and the guide.

About Sentinel

Dash uses a protocol called "Sentinel" that enforces a requirement that each masternode be registered to a unique IP address. ION 5 does not yet enforce sentinel.

That means that anyone with 20,000 ION can set up a masternode on their local Qt wallet, configure a masternode following the quick start guide, and earn rewards.

Once sentinel is enforced, a masternode will only earn rewards if it is regsistered to a unique IP and active server. Follow the ION 5.0 Remote Masternode Setup Guide to run a fully registered masternode server with Sentinel.


If you hold Sharenodes on ionomy Exchange, you'll just keep earning rewards! You don't need to do a thing.

Sharenodes are the easiest way to earn masternode rewards. Each Sharenode represents a fraction of a masternode pool and entitles the holder to proportional rewards. You can hold them or trade them on the Sharenode market.

You can buy Sharenodes with BTC, ETH, or ION. When you place an order to sell Sharenodes (IONsx), you'll keep earning rewards until the order is taken.

ION 5 Hybrid Security

ION 5 uses a joint protocol of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). This combination increases network security.

Mine Electrons (ELEC)

Start mining Electrons (ELEC) today! You can mine directly from your Qt wallet on your local computer.