The War on Christmas has reached its merry end. Team Green reigns victorious over the North Pole. Congratulations to both teams for a hard fought competition.

Team Red jumped out to an early, seemingly insurmountable lead, but Team Green came roaring back in the waning days to secure the North Pole for the true color of the season: Green.


While Team Green luxuriates in the spoils of victory, Team Red returns home to find a lone “Lump of Coal” under their tree… But look closer! Enterprising elves can still extract some energy from this bit of coal – a 10% APR boost for a 250 ION staker.

The raid on the Red Candy Cane Factory proved devastating, with Green returning home from victory to find their “stockings hung with care,” containing a 250 ION staker skin that gives a 15% APR boost. In addition, Green engineers found a way to upgrade stakers purchased during the promo period using seized factory parts, achieving an additional 10% boost.

It wasn’t always easy being Green in Twenty Sixteen, but now they’re on Easy Street.

Thank you to all who participated in the promotion.

Thankfully, elves prefer sweets over savory, leaving the Green victory bittersweet. We’re looking forward to a new year dominated by a reunited ionomy community. Here's to an out-of-this-world 2017.