GameGrid provides integration of proven game incentivization with just a few clicks.

GameGrid beta report

If you’ve been following the ionomy community feed on Twitter or Discord, then you’ve already gotten a sneak peak of GameGrid in action. It is now a proven fact that just a couple clicks and voila! You’ve created a tournament that pays real money to the victors.

The theory is simple. Players competing in tournaments have an extra incentive to achieve higher and higher levels of success because they can walk away with actual, transportable and spendable value. Most games award in-game assets to those who play enough to excel and have success. There are power-up and bonuses galore, but none of these ‘valuable’ items can be spent or exchanged outside of the game’s siloed economy.

A proven model

Even with this limitation, the model has proven successful. Take Mario Cart mobile as an example. The game incorporates a multi-layered reward architecture, all designed to increase game play. For each skill level, there is a weekly leaderboard offering tiered rewards depending on each player’s success agains all others in that skill level. The higher you place at the end of the week, the greater the reward.

GameGrid simply brings this exact feature to any existing game. There is no need for customized code. The API means that expensive developer services are eliminated from the equation.

Enragement = engagement

Serious gamers thrive when the competition gets 'personal.' Games like Mario Kart prove that tournaments work to promote continued game engagement, but it is actually a two-fold phenomena. Of course there is the possibility of reaching the top step of the podium and taking home the grand prize. But then there is also the engagement with other gamers who are competing for the same achievement.

This personalizes the competition. Now you know who took you down a notch or who you just owned royally. Bragging rights, smack-talking, and victory dances are what takes a well-made game to the next level. And with GameGrid's leaderboard and head-to-head tournaments, fierce competition is guaranteed. Now that functionality can be added to any title with a just a few clicks.